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General Info

Antarctic Statistics

Auroras 2000.com - the Exploratorium provides a guide for the Northern and Southern Lights with news, NASA images, forecasts, photographs, and background on the aurora borealis and aurora australis.

Auroras and the Ionosphere

Changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Climate Ark This Climate Change Search Space is dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon dioxide and other emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation.

Climate Diagnostics Center (CDC) The mission of the CDC is to identify the nature and causes for climate variations on time scales ranging from a month to centuries.

Global Change Research

Teachers at the Poles


Lesson Plans and More

Famous Antarctic Explorers

Global Warming Exercise

Gulf of Maine Aquarium provides classroom lessons focusing on Penguin Adaptation, Coping with the Cold, Blubber Glove, Salt Concentration, Chick Die-Off, Changes in Antarctic Ice, and Creating Plankton.

Ice the Glacier Web Site Have your students explore this superb site, jam-packed with information on ice and glaciers.

Index to Antarctic Expeditions This page is pretty cool. You can click on the links next to different expeditions and get a summary, related information or photos! Have each student, or small groups, report on an expedition.

NOVA Use these lesson plans to help your students understand more about Ernest Shackleton's journey, what the Antarctic is like, how sailors can determine their latitude at night, and the nutritional value of an Antarctic meal.

The Claypoles' Journey to Antarctica Yvonne Claypole, a teacher from Balnarring P.S., and her husband Jim, spent 1999 in complete isolation in Antarctica. They created a web site filled with diaries and information on history, the environment, survival, teacher's activities, and a lot more!


Books and Other Publications

Antarctica, A novel by Kim Stanley Robinson.

The Greenpeace Book of Antarctica: a new view of the seventh continent by John May, published in 1988.



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