*Getting Green Field Trip


Getting Green is all about what we as humans can do to minimize our negative impact on our planet Earth. Our dirt is filled with life. The sun warms our vegetable garden, the rains feed our plants, our plants provide food and oxygen, and so it goes. Organisms in the soil break down the plants and provide nutirients, creating a rich soil in which they can grow. Did you know that in a handful of dirt, there are as many living micro-organisms as there are people on the planet?

Pesticides may destroy the pests that create an imperfect apple or tomato, but the chemicals are also destroying the soil much more quickly than it can be replaced. Industry pollutes our water, land and air. If we continue chemical farming practices as they exist, in 50 years there won't be enough topsoil to grow our food. Enter, sustainable agriculture. Sustainable farming and lifestyles are gaining popularity as people become educated about our impact on our planet. Hopefully, this field trip will help provide some of that education.


  1. Students will learn about different forms of pollution.
  2. Students will learn about the environmental impact of pollution.
  3. Students will learn about global warming.
  4. Students will get ideas of things they can do to make a difference.


  • What causes global warming?
  • Where did the "Greenhouse Effect" come from?
  • Why should we care about pollution?
  • What impact does climate change have on Earth?

Terms To Learn

acid rain
carbon dioxide (CO2)
Environmental Protection Act (EPA)

food chain
fossil fuel
global warming
greenhouse effect
ozone depletion
ozone layer



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