*Tornado Field Trip


Do you recall the tornado in "The Wizard of Oz" that takes Dorothy's house and transplants it to the land of Oz? Well we don't know of any tornadoes that have picked something up and moved it to Oz, but we do know that tornadoes can have unbelievable strength and that trucks and houses have been picked up and placed elsewhere. In this field trip students will learn about the conditions that allow tornadoes to form, where these windstorms occur, how they're measured, myths about tornadoes, and how to prepare.


  • Students will learn about how tornadoes are formed.
  • Students will be taken to Web sites where they can research various types of information about tornadoes.


1. What conditions allow a tornado to form?
2. Where do most tornadoes occur?
3. What are the typical windspeeds of a tornado?
4. What types of destruction do tornadoes cause?
5. What are some of the strangest occurances tornadoes have caused?
6. How long does a typical tornado last?
7. How far do tornadoes travel during a storm?

Terms To Learn

air pressure
cumulonimbus cloud
Fujita scale
funnel cloud
Tornado Alley
wall cloud



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