TourMaker Software

  • is SO EASY to use!!!
  • makes Internet exploration focused, safe, and productive!
  • allows you to integrate custom web pages
  • is inexpensive!

Virtual Field Trips Created with TourMaker

  • prevent students from getting lost!
  • provide a safe journey through the Internet
  • are inexpensive
  • take you through a sequence of Web pages on any subject you choose.
  • provide custom instructions or commentary about each visited Web page
  • move forward and back through the field trip using the Control Panel
  • allow you to leave the field trip to explore links and return to it whenever you want.
  • run from either a local hard disk or your site's server
  • run on all popular browsers

If you're using the Web to educate, you can't beat the advantages of a Virtual Field Trip, aka Web Tour. Virtual field trips created with TourMaker provide a wonderful, easy-to-use solution for organizing Internet information.

A field trip created with TourMaker is set up to tell a story of sorts, to guide one through a sequence of Web pages on any given topic. For each visited Web page, you are provided a Narration frame, a place in which you can write custom information about the visited Web page, or instruct your students to complete a task based on the information on the visited page. You move forward and back through the Field Trip using the tour Control Panel.

Tours run on all popular browsers. You only need to know how to click a mouse!

Field Trips created with TourMaker save untold hours of searching, allow simple navigation from one site to the next as well as random access to any site on a tour, and allow users to follow links without fear of getting lost because they can always get back to the tour with the click of a button.

If you'd like to make your own tours, check out our trial version of TourMaker today!



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