2—Who Are You? The Consumer Information Center
Every country, in an attempt to preserve law and order, has "gates" called "ports of entry"at various places along its border. Major airports also have these gates, and travelers are required to provide proof of identity and permission to travel. The most widely accepted document for proof of identity is called a passport. Because a passport is proof of who you are, in order to obtain a passport you must provide proof of identity such as a birth certificate plus photographs and other information. Visas, permission to enter a country, are also required by some countries under certain situations.

The Travel section of the Consumer Information Center provides procedures for obtaining passports and visas, and helps you find other useful advice specific to the countries you are planning to visit. Information regarding the types of souvenirs and gifts you are allowed (or not allowed!) to take from the country, concerns about prescription drugs, and the use of credit cards overseas is available on this site and through inexpensive booklets published by this U.S. Government agency.

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