4—Who Ya Gonna Call?
The United States Bureau of Consular Affairs, also known as the U.S. Consulate, provides services to American citizens living or traveling abroad in such matters as lost or stolen passports, international adoptions, deaths, arrests, and robberies.

Some of the great resources on the US Consulate website are its Consular Information Sheets, which list information for every country of the world. Included in this information is the location of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in that country, a short historical/political background, health conditions, unusual currency and entry regulations, and crime and security information.

Also listed on this site are Travel Warnings and Public Announcements concerning conditions in foreign countries. Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid travel to a certain country. If the unstable condition that exists in a country is not severe enough to warrant a Travel Warning, a Public Announcement may be issued, or a description of the condition may be included under an optional section entitled "Areas of Instability."

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