Tramline Volcano Field Trip
Stop 1—Welcome to the Tramline Volcano Tour
Stop 2—Cascades Volcano Observatory
Stop 3—Eruptions
Stop 4—Watch Out! Hot Magma!
Stop 5—River of Fire!
Stop 6—Lava Land!
Stop 7—Night Lights!
Stop 8—Volcano Watch
Stop 9—Mt. St. Helens, Before
Stop 10—Mt. St. Helens, During
Stop 11—Blowing Its Top!
Stop 12—They all fall down!
Stop 13—Hold on! Jumping to Jupiter!
Stop 14—Volcano City!
Stop 15—Free fireworks!
Stop 16—A last look
Stop 17—Volcano Update
Stop 18—Making Model Volcanoes
Stop 19—Last Stop. Everyone off!